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Lottery Scams Unveiled: Why theLotter Is Safe

If you haven’t purchased lottery tickets on theLotter just yet, then let us tell you that you can rest assured that theLotter is safe. Our portal is definitely not a scam, as our millions of players can attest firmly. In this article, we are going to address some basic questions, so that you get an idea of the quality of our services.

Is theLotter Canada a Scam? Definitely Not! Here’s Why:

theLotter was founded in February 2002, as property of theLotter Entreprises LDT., which is located in Belize City, on Barrack Road 35. We offer an independent ticket purchasing service and we have over 20 local offices all over the world. In our many years of activity, we have had millions of winners from across the globe, whom we have paid over $50 million worth of prizes. As such, our solid reputation is the best proof that theLotter is, in fact, safe.

theLotter is safe

Is theLotter Canada Platform Secure?

Making theLotter a safe and secure platform is one of our top priorities. You should know that your personal and payment details are encrypted with the Geotrust 128 SSL bit security system. They are only accessible with a username and a password. As such, all the communication between your web browser and our platform is entirely secure so that you can make your deposits or withdrawals on theLotter entirely carefree. You will see the Secure Sockets Layer lock symbol at the top of the browser page in the address bar, which is a guarantee that theLotter is safe.

Why Does theLotter Canada Charge Service Fees?

When you purchase your tickets on theLotter, you have to pay the full price of the tickets, as well as a service fee. theLotter operates as a ticket messenger service. This means that we purchase official lottery tickets from authorized retailers on your behalf, with the exact numbers that you want to play.

We do not charge our winners any commission or additional fees. Our revenue is made entirely from ticket sales. Please note that theLotter does not charge more for lottery tickets and it does not resell any existing tickets. If your ticket generates any prizes, you are entitled to the full amount of the prize.

Is theLotter Canada Transparent?

On our website, you can find complete information regarding our services and operation policies. Every single step of the ticket purchasing service is explained here so that you know what happens every step of the way. On your account, you can find all the actions you have made, including scanned copies of the tickets you have purchased, and transactions. It is one of our top priorities to make theLotter as transparent as possible.

How Can I See the Tickets I Have Purchased?

When you purchase a ticket on theLotter, one of our local agents will buy the official lottery ticket for you. Then, you will receive a scanned copy of your ticket in your account on theLotter. This will relay the exact numbers that were played so that you can make sure that you are entering the game with the numbers you have chosen . Moreover, you will be able to see the serial unique code on your ticket, which is proof of its authenticity. We are committed to delivering your scans of the tickets to your account before the draw takes place. Please note that we do not send tickets via email. Nonetheless, these items (the legal agreement, the proof of purchase, and the scan of the actual lottery ticket) can firmly attest that the tickets legally belong to you.

If I Win, Will I Receive the Full Prize?

If you win on theLotter, rest assured that you will receive the entire amount of your prize. The official results of the lottery draws will be published on our website and you will receive the full amount of the prize as soon as possible. On our platform, you can read about our biggest winners and their success stories are the most reliable proof of the quality of our services. Please note that the prizes are paid by the official lottery operators. As such, it may take some time before the winnings are delivered to the players’ accounts. Another important aspect that you must be aware of is that any lottery prizes that you are entitled to may be taxed accordingly, as per the local tax laws. The money you will receive is the full amount of the prize after the taxes have been deducted.

Could theLotter Canada Take My Winnings?

The most important aspect you must be aware of is that you are the sole owner of your lottery tickets, from a legal standpoint. As such, theLotter has no legal claim to the tickets you purchase on our platform. Please note that no legal complaint in regards to illicit claims over lottery tickets made by our company has been made. We are entirely committed to delivering the full amount of the lottery prizes to our customers. Over the years, theLotter has paid over $50 million in prize money to millions of players from all across the globe. As such, our flawless track record can point out that theLotter is indeed safe.

theLotter winner

Has Anybody Actually Won on theLotter?

Since 2002, we have had numerous winners on theLotter. Our biggest winner to date is M.M. from Iraq, who has won a $6.4 million jackpot in the Oregon Megabucks lottery. You can read all about his journey to success on our website, as well as the countless media portals, including the New York Times. Another one of our biggest winners is P. from Quebec. When this lotto giant's jackpot was going over the $1 billion, P. was asking himself if Canadians can play and win US Powerball. He found the answer and decided to seize the opportunity, use theLotter's serivices and play US Powerball online from Canada. While he did not manage to lay his hands on the record-breaking jackpot, P. continued to play and the won the $1 million second prize on the Powerball draw of February 26, 2016. He is not the only one to have become a millionaire with US Powerball on theLotter. The series of Powerball winners was opened by B.U. from the UK in April 2012. H.V. from El Salvador followed him in January 2016. In October 2016, another $1 million prize went to Australia, where our lucky player, G. lives.

Will I Be Able to Withdraw My Prize Money?

Yes, you can rest assured that you can withdraw your prize money at all times. You will find your current balance listed in your theLotter account. You can use it to buy additional lottery tickets on our portal or you can withdraw the money. Please note that withdrawals are processed as per the payment methods which are listed in your account and/or through bank transfer. In the event that you are credited with bonus money, you will only be able to use it on our platform to purchase lottery tickets. The bonus money is valid for six months unless specified otherwise.

We hope that the information included in this article will assure you that the services provided by theLotter are completely safe. Should you have any questions or concerns in regards to the services we offer, please visit our comprehensive FAQs page and feel free to contact our Support team. We will gladly assist you with any issues at all times.

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