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How To Read the Odds of Winning the Powerball

The US Powerball is the most popular lottery in America and the entire world because it offers the biggest prizes in the lottery market. But with so many players and such enormous prizes in the game, what are the odds of winning the Powerball? Do you actually stand a chance to win that huge jackpot when you play Powerball from Canada? In this article, this is precisely what we are going to analyze.

 understanding Powerball odds

So, What Are the Odds of Winning the Powerball Exactly?

To get a better idea of what your chances of winning the Powerball actually are, let’s take a look at the statistical data behind the game. And we know that one chance in 292,201,338 does not sound like something you are likely to beat, but rest assured that it is just a matter of perspective.

Winning Requirements Prize Odds of Winning

5 Numbers + PB


1 in 292, 201, 338

5 Numbers


1 in 11,688,053

4 Numbers + PB


1 in 913,129

4 Numbers


1 in 36,525

3 Numbers + PB


1 in 14,494

3 Numbers


1 in 579

2 Numbers + PB


1 in 701

1 Number + PB


1 in 91



1 in 38

At first glance, the Powerball odds of winning clearly look impossible to beat. But this is mainly because you have nothing to compare them with. Moreover, as you are looking at the chart right now, you are most likely looking at the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot.

We know your main aim is to win the huge Powerball jackpot, but even the secondary prizes in the game are simply larger than life, so make sure you analyze the entire list. As you get further down the prize list, the Powerball payoffs get smaller, but the odds become so much more achievable. Just how happy would you be if you won $1 million in the lottery? What about $50,000?

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Powerball Odds of Winning vs Odds of Winning Other Lotteries

Wondering which lottery has the best odds? The table below features the world’s biggest lotteries, their record jackpots, and the odds of winning each and every single one of them. They are organized according to these odds, and, as you can see, the Powerball and the Mega Millions are at the top of the list.



US Mega Millions Winning Odds

1 in 302,575,350

Play Mega Millions

Jackpot Record

$656 Million

Jackpot Winning

5 Numbers + Mega Ball

US Powerball Winning Odds

1 in 292,201,338

Play Powerball

Jackpot Record


Jackpot Winning

5 Numbers + PowerBall

EuroMillions Winning Odds

1 in 139,838,160

Play EuroMillions

Jackpot Record

€190 Million

Jackpot Winning

5 Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars

EuroJackpot Winning Odds

1 in 95,344,200

Play EuroJackpot

Jackpot Record

€90 Million

Jackpot Winning

5 Numbers + 2 Euro Numbers

Canada Lotto 6/49 Winning Odds

1 in 13,983, 816

Play Canada Lotto 6/49

Jackpot Record

CAD64 Million

Jackpot Winning

6 Numbers

But don’t jump to conclusions just yet! If you take a closer look, Powerball’s record amount is of a whopping $1.58 billion, which is more than double the amount of the USA Mega Millions $656 million prize, the second jackpot on the list. Then, if you compare the winning odds for these prizes, you will see that the difference is rather slim compared to the prizes.

Then, as you go further down the list, the odds become more achievable, but the prizes get significantly smaller as well. Moreover, all the odds included in the table are extremely difficult to beat, so as long as you’re taking a chance, why not make it for the biggest prize?

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10 Things More Likely to Happen Than Winning the Powerball

If you focus on the math of winning the lottery, then it will seem like an impossible goal. The more you look at the numbers, the bigger they get. And considering the Powerball odds for winning the jackpot are of 1 in 292, 201, 338, they will reach some colossal proportions. In fact, here are 10 things that are actually more likely to happen than winning the US Powerball jackpot:

  • Becoming an Astronaut1 in 12,100,000

  • Getting Attacked by a Shark1 in 11,500,000

  • Becoming President of the United States1 in 10,000,000

  • Being Struck by Lightning 1 in 2,300,000

  • Becoming a Movie Star 1 in 1,505,000

  • Winning a Gold Medal in the Olympics1 in 662,000

  • Being Dealt a Royal Flush1 in 649,740

  • Getting Killed by Fireworks1 in 616,488

  • Winning the Oscar1 in 11,500

  • Being Drafted by an NBA Team1 in 3,333

 Powerball odds

Rationalizing odds like 1 in 292, 201, 338 can be quite disenchanting, which definitely defeats the purpose of the game. First and foremost, the lottery is a game of chance because you need to believe that you can be the one in a million, or even 292 million who takes home the prize. Having faith in yourself is actually the big secret to winning the lottery because it is the best thing you could do when facing such enormous odds.

Winning the Powerball is Possible! And We Have Proof!

Winning the Powerball lottery is entirely possible because so many have managed to do it before. They have actually beat these seemingly impossible odds of winning the Powerball. And we definitely have proof right here on theLotter Canada! Let us tell you a little bit about theLotter’s three biggest Powerball winners and their amazing stories.

1. G. From Australia - October 2016

Our very own “Wonder from Down Under” was definitely not intimidated by the Powerball odds of winning. In fact, he is one of our most perseverant players and his effort paid off tremendously, as he won $1 million. “Never doubt yourself and keep your faith, that’s the only thing you can do”, said G. himself.

2. P. from Canada - February 2016

P. from Quebec joined theLotter Canada in January 2016 when the legendary $1.58 billion US Powerball jackpot was up. It took him less than two months to get his lottery fortune worth $1 million, which should go to show you that it can happen anytime. You can always walk in his footsteps playing Powerball legally from Canada.

3. H. from El Salvador -January 2016

It was January 13th, 2016 and every lottery player on the planet was dreaming about scooping the $1.58 billion prize. H. from El Salvador played his ticket for the big draw on theLotter Canada, and while he did not become a billionaire, he did win as much as $1 million in the Powerball lottery.

3 Reasons Why Playing Powerball Is Truly Worth Your Time

There are so many reasons why the US Powerball is the most popular lottery in the world. Just to put things into perspective, let us tell why it is definitely worth your time to put in your ticket and believe that you can beat the odds of winning the Powerball:

1. The US Powerball Has the Biggest Jackpots

Only the minimum amount of the Powerball jackpot is $40 million, which is the largest starting amount for a first prize in the entire lottery market, alongside the US Mega Millions. Moreover, the US Powerball jackpot does not have a preset maximum amount, which means that it can reach ground-breaking limits. The $1.58 billion jackpot is solid proof that the Powerball is truly something else and that it is one step further than its biggest competitor, the Mega Millions. 

 Powerball tickets

2. The Secondary Prizes Are Worth the Fight

While the Powerball jackpot usually gets all the attention, the secondary prizes in the game are definitely worth your time. With a million-dollar second prize and a $50,000 third prize, the Powerball secondary prizes are a force to be reckoned with.

3. The PowerPlay Multiplier Can Make Secondary Prizes Larger than Life

The US Powerball has an amazing multiplier, which can make all secondary prizes 2, 3, 4, or even 5 times bigger. For a minimal investment in the PowerPlay, a $1 million win can get as high as $5 million, which makes it entirely worth it!

As you can see, the fight for the US Powerball prizes is one definitely worth getting into! So what if the odds of winning the Powerball are high? Put in your very own Powerball ticket on theLotter from Canada because it truly can make you a winner as long as you believe in yourself! Good luck!