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theLotter’s Biggest Powerball Winners

The US Powerball is the world’s biggest lottery. Its record-breaking jackpots have made it the most popular game on our platform. Our players try their luck every week hoping to live the Powerball dream and some of them have actually gotten to do that. In this page, we are going to tell you about theLotter’s biggest Powerball winners and their amazing stories. This is our US Powerball Hall of Fame:

P. from Quebec Won $1 Million

P. from Quebec has proven that Canadians can win the US Powerball and his story is one for the books. It all started with the legendary $1.58 billion jackpot of January 13th, 2016. P. bought tickets for the big draw, but that was not the day he became a millionaire.

theLotter’s Biggest Powerball Winners

He kept on buying tickets for the American lottery even after that and it really changed his life. On February 27th, 2016, P. got a reminder about the upcoming Powerball draw and he bought some Quick Pick tickets. The following day, as he was having breakfast, he checked the winning Powerball numbers and they seemed somewhat familiar.

"I woke up in Montreal this morning and I was looking and looking... And I said Jeez... I think I got the right numbers. But I wasn't too sure and I called my son and said, - I looked at the numbers and I think we won! - So... We did!"

P. matched the five main numbers in the US Powerball and scooped the $1 million second prize and all it took was a few clicks. Up to this day, P. continues to buy tickets on theLotter Canada. He is the best possible proof that when it comes to the lottery, big wins do come to those who play.

G. from Australia Became a Millionaire

Another one of our big Powerball winners is G. from Australia. We’ve dubbed him The Wonder from Down Under because it was his perseverance that finally made him a millionaire. G. has been playing on theLotter since 2003 and along the years, he’s won 452 times. That’s right, G. scooped 452 small lottery prizes, which were enough to motivate him to keep playing.

On October 20th, 2016, he finally got his big break in the US Powerball. He won a full million by guessing the 5 main numbers, which made the 13 years he invested in the lottery well worth the effort. If you want to find out more about the Wonder from Down Under, you can read his full story here.

B.U. from the UK Won the 2nd Prize

While some lottery fans like G. play for years before winning big, for others it takes significantly less for Lady Luck to work her magic. B.U. decided to play the lottery online back in March 2012 when the Mega Millions was breaking records with its unprecedented $656 million. He bought his tickets for the big game but none of them had the winning numbers for the big pot.

Then, B.U. switched to the US Powerball and only one month after discovering his passion for the lottery, the lucky Brit won $1 million. He guessed the 5 winning numbers and before he knew it, he was travelling to Florida to collect his Powerball million. You can read B.U.’s full story right here.

H.V. from El Salvador Got the 5 Numbers

H.V.’s winner story also begins with the grand Powerball jackpot from January 2016. When he read about the $1.58 billion jackpot, H.V. was determined to find a way to play Powerball from El Salvador. That’s how he found theLotter and he bought tickets for the biggest lottery draw in history.

H.V. was not one of the three jackpot winners of January 13th, but he was one of the lucky few who scooped the second prize. He played for the billion-dollar jackpot and became a millionaire overnight on theLotter. Read more about our winner from El Salvador here.

Natalia from Colombia

Another one of our Powerball winners come from Colombia. Her name is Natalia and she is the proud mother of an 11-year-old daughter. She used theLotter’s services to participate in America’s favorite game and it brought her a whopping $50,000 in December 2017. She beat the Powerball’s odds of winning and got a fresh start by playing online.

Kenyan Government Worker Scoops the 3rd Prize

After travelling to the US, E.L. from Kenya developed a true passion for the US Powerball. When the jackpot hit $1.58 billion, E.L. started searching for ways to play Powerball from overseas. This is how he became a member of theLotter in January 2016. It wasn’t long until his lotto fascination paid off because on April 20th E.L. won $50.000. Even though he found theLotter in 2016, he had been playing the lottery for years. He even drew up a strategy for his lotto play, which eventually made him a very rich man. Read more about E.L. here.

“I have a set of predetermined numbers that I always play on rotation irrespective of the lottery I am playing. I simply keep repeating the same numbers over and over.”

Singaporean Engineer Wins the Powerball

Aside from Natalia, theLotter made another 3rd prize winner in the Powerball back in 2016. An engineer from Singapore tried his luck in the US Powerball on our portal and he scooped a huge $50.000 on November 26th, 2026. His story goes to show you that there are no boundaries to the lottery when playing with us.

International Powerball Syndicate Wins Big

Over the years, theLotter has made many Powerball winners all over the world, but on November 27th, 2017, 55 players form 29 countries won the US Powerball together on our platform. How did that happen? They played a Powerball syndicate together and won a huge $106,300.

International Powerball Syndicate

Each of the 55 players purchased a share in the lucky Powerball syndicate with 65 entries. Their wins amounted to $106,300 and included two 3rd prize wins and many other secondary prizes. This left each member of the syndicate with approximately $1,900.

Do you want to make our list? Do you want a Powerball prize all for yourself? Then buy tickets for the upcoming Powerball draw and give it a chance! You could win the big Powerball jackpot or one of the fantastic secondary prizes. Your Powerball fortune may be just a few clicks away!