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How to play Oregon Megabucks

How to Play Oregon Megabucks

Playing the Oregon Megabucks online is much easier than you thought! On theLotter Canada, you just need to choose 6 numbers out of 48! They can be your favorite ones, or you can pick them randomly using the quick pick option. You can use our guide to picking lotto numbers for inspiration. You can play as many Oregon Megabucks lines as you want, starting with 6, but if you want to increase your odds of winning, you should try out a systematic form.

Why? Because it allows you to enter the Oregon Megabucks draw with 8 to 12 numbers, instead of 6. With this option, the system offers you as many lines as possible combinations there are. Your lucky numbers will be covered in every single way! You can also get discounts of up to 25% buying a Multi-Draw package of 5, 10, 25, or 52 draws, or earn your 10th ticket for free if you subscribe to this lottery!

Can I play the Oregon Megabucks lottery online from Canada?

Can I Play the Oregon Megabucks Lottery Online from Canada?

Definitely yes! On theLotter Canada, you actually buy official tickets in the Oregon Megabucks! This is possible thanks to our Oregon offices, that purchase the tickets on your behalf. Then, you receive the official ticket safely scanned in your private account, so that you can check it and be assured that you are the legal owner. And, there are more American lotteries that you can try out on theLotter.ca, like California SuperLotto Plus or New York Lotto.

Right after the draw, you can check the Oregon Megabucks results online as well, and receive alerts and notifications via SMS or email. If you are lucky enough to be one of the Oregon Megabucks winners, 100% of your prize will be paid into your account, without any commission. Moreover, if you win big, you may be invited by theLotter Canada to collect your prize personally. Sounds like the perfect trip, doesn’t it? And if you are wondering, here are some lottery winner statistics that could let you know what to expect.

Play with the Kicker!

Want to Increase Your Prize? Play with the Kicker!

When you pay US Powerball, you have the Power Play option, when you play Mega Millions, you can Megaply, and when you play Oregon Megabucks, you have the Kicker. This is the special Oregon Megabucks lottery multiplier. In case you win one of the secondary Oregon Megabucks prizes, you can receive that amount multiplied by four.

All you have to do is tick the Kicker box after choosing your numbers above. Considering the high odds of winning this lottery, checking the Kicker is a great idea. Imagine that you matched 5 out of 6 numbers, which is the second prize. This means that you would get USD$1.000, but with the Kicker, your prize would be increased and you would get as much as USD$4.000! It’s all worth it, right?

When is the Orengon Megabucks Lottery Draw?

When Is the Orengon Megabucks Lottery Draw?

Still haven't chosen a favorite in the Powerball vs. Mega Millions lotto feud? Well, how about playing the Oregon Megabucks instead? The official draw is held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 19:29 (Pacific Standard Time). This translates into 10:29 the following day in Ottawa, Canada. With three draws per week, the Oregon Megabucks odds are increased even more. Remember that you can buy your ticket online at any time.

Just check how much time is left before the next draw on our chronometer at the top of the page, which is set to guarantee that your ticket is bought in time before the upcoming draw. But in case you run out of time, don’t worry! Your ticket will be valid for the next Oregon Megabucks draw. But if you want to avoid this altogether, all you have to do is subscribe to Oregon Megabucks on theLotter Canada.

Did anybody ever win the Oregon Megabucks on theLotter?

The Biggest Oregon Megabucks Winner on theLotter Canada

It only took matching the 6 main Oregon Megabucks numbers for M.M., our Iraqi player to win the big jackpot. On August 25th, 2015, he got a whopping USD6,4 MILLION in the Oregon Megabucks and it changed his life!

We were all very excited when we found out, but M.M. was amazingly surprised! He was invited to the US to collect his prize, so we had the chance to meet him and chat with him, as we always do with our winners. We will never forget those days, although we are waiting for the next ones! Could it happen with you?

information about the Oregon Megabucks lottery

More Info about the Oregon Megabucks Lottery

The main feature of this lottery is that it can be easily won. With a range of just 6/48 numbers, the Oregon Megabucks odds of winning are only 1 in 12.271.512 with a single line. That´s why our Iraqi winner played this lottery! Compared to the Canadian lotteries, such as Lotto 649 or Ontario 49, which are also known for their high odds, winning the Oregon Megabucks lottery is even easier.

Even if you don´t match all the 6 numbers, there still are three other Oregon Megabucks prizes that you can win by matching 5, 4 or 3 numbers. Every time there is a rollover, the jackpot increases by USD$200.000. The highest amount that the Oregon Megabucks jackpot has reached so far is USD$30 million! Can you think of a reason not to play this lottery?