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Play NY Lotto Online from Canada

Can I Play NY Lotto Online from Canada?

Now, you can play New York Lotto and many other lottery games online from Canada or anywhere you are. It’s fun, easy and, most importantly, secure. You can start by picking your favourite six numbers out of 59. Alternatively, you can leave it all in Lady Luck’s hands, using the Quick Pick button.

When playing online on theLotter Canada, you can try your luck with single entries, but you can also use our smart solutions that allow you to never miss a draw of your favourite lottery. For instance, you can subscribe and you will get every 10th ticket for free. You can also choose to play New York Lotto with a Multi-Draw, entering a predetermined number of draws, and benefiting from discounts of up to 25%.

 New York Lottery’s Bonus Number

The New York Lottery’s Bonus Number

When playing New York Lotto, you are required to choose only six numbers. But, during the draw, the NY Lottery officials pick also a bonus number from the same drum and the same range (1-59). This seventh number determines the second prize – the Match 5+1 (5 of the main numbers and the bonus number). This bonus number is always drawn last does not have anything to do with the winning of the jackpot. This adds more excitement to this lottery game.

The odds of winning NY Lotto prizes are 1 in 45 million for the jackpot, and 1 in 7.5 million for the 2nd prize. These are actually very good, especially when compared to those you are up against when playing Mega Millions online or other American lotteries like the US Powerball.

New York Lotto Draws

When Are the New York Lotto Draws?

The New York Lottery officials hold the Lotto draws every Wednesdays and Saturdays at 23:00 EST, which means 20:00 in Vancouver. But, you don’t need to worry about checking the NY Lotto results are published, they become available online. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our alerts service and you will get the winning numbers via email or SMS.

Don’t forget that theLotter’s services allow you to make sure your numbers stand a chance on every single NY Lotto draw. Go for a Multi-Draw package or a subscription if you want to never miss the chance of scooping a New Lottery prize.

 Win the NY Lotto Jackpot

How to Win the NY Lotto Jackpot

The rules are pretty straight forward: in order to scoop New York Lotto jackpot, you must match all the six winning numbers. Nota bene: the additional number is not relevant for the first prize category.

The New York Lotto jackpot starts at $2 million, and can grow, with every rollover until somebody is lucky enough to guess all the numbers. As there is no jackpot cap, NY Lotto jackpot can reach impressive heights. The current record jackpot for this game is $65 million – an amount that can change your life forever.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your lotto numbers and play!

Biggest New York Lotto Winners

The Biggest New York Lotto Winners

A lucky ticket holder from Puerto Rico managed to get his hands on an awesome jackpot worth $45 million back in 2005 and he used the money to turn his entire life around entirely. He had a longstanding dream to make it on Broadway and his lottery success helped him achieve just that. He eventually succeeded to direct his own film, and he even became a film producer. As you can see, a lottery win can take you a very long way, but not everybody is able to turn such a luck into a happy story! Luckily for his, he knew exactly what to do with his money.