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How to Play UK EuroMillions and UK Millionaire Maker Raffle

 How to play UK EuroMillions Online from Canada

How to Play UK EuroMillions Online from Canada

Want to play UK EuroMillions online and stand a chance at winning awesome European prizes straight from Canada? It’s easy! Just choose 5 main numbers ranging between 1 and 50 and 2 Lucky Stars (1-12), and we will take care of the rest! We will buy an official ticket on your behalf with the numbers you have chosen, scan it and upload it to your on-site account before the draw takes place.

You have the choice of picking your numbers for EuroMillions UK yourself or you can use the Quick Pick button to leave everything in faith's hands. Our platform is safe, so you can rest assured that the ticket purchased for you will feature the exact numbers you have chosen. You can even play other versions of the EuroMillions here, such as the Austria EuroMillions! Playing EuroMillions UK from Canada is simple and efficient on!

How to Win the EuroMillions Jackpot

How to Win the UK EuroMillions Jackpot

If you want to scoop the grand UK EuroMillions jackpot, all you have to do is match the five main numbers and the two Lucky Stars. It’s simple! If the numbers on your ticket match the winning numbers, then you've got it made, you are the lucky jackpot winner! With the UK EuroMillions, you have the chance to pocket life-changing amounts starting with £15 million that can grow with every draw until the jackpot cap of €190 million (approximately £168 million) is reached.

If the UK EuroMillions top prize has reached its cap but there is no winner, it keeps the same value for 4 consecutive draws. If after these 4 draws there is no jackpot winner, the whole amount rolls down and it is split between the winners of the next category. However, there is a thing you should know about the EuroMillions lottery: with raffles in many organizing countries and amazing secondary prizes, Europe's top lotto game has more ways than one to change your life in the split of a second.

 When Do the EuroMillions Draws Take Place?

When Do the UK EuroMillions Draws Take Place?

The UK EuroMillions draws take place on a bi-weekly basis, on Tuesdays and Fridays. The winning numbers are drawn each time at 21.00 CET in Paris. This means 8 PM the in Ottawa, Canada. But, you don’t have to worry about checking the results or watching the draw live on TV. All you have to do is subscribe to our results alerts service and you will get the winning numbers via email or SMS.

If you want to make sure you never miss a UK EuroMillions draw, we have some smart solutions for you: Multi-Draw packages and Subscriptions. With Multi-Draws, you can make sure your lucky numbers stand a chance for 5, 10, 25 or 52 draws, also benefiting from awesome discounts. The subscriptions give you the possibility to enter every single draw of the UK EuroMillions or any other of your favorite lotteries until you decide to unsubscribe.

 Boost Winning Odds

How to Increase My Chances of Winning UK EuroMillions Prizes

If you want to benefit from better odds of winning UK EuroMillions prizes, you can play with a systematic form on theLotter. Not only will you enter the draw with more numbers (6-10), but you will also enter with all possible combinations of those numbers.

Another way of boosting your odds of winning the UK EuroMillions are the syndicates, which allow you to participate in the game with a large number of tickets, sharing the cost of the tickets as well as the potential wins with the other syndicate members. Bundles are special packages that offer you the advantages of both worlds, allowing you to play UK EuroMillions syndicates as well as with an individual ticket.

 UK Millionaire Maker Raffle

All about the UK Millionaire Maker Raffle

For all the UK EuroMillions tickets you purchase, you will also get a UK Millionaire Maker raffle code. This amazing raffle takes place at the same time as the UK EuroMillions lottery draws, and distributes two £1 million prizes, minting two brand new millionaires twice a week.

In order to win the £1 million prize, you have to match the winning 9-digit UK Millionaire Maker code of the draw. The UK National Lottery is not the only one offering a EuroMillions raffle. There are other EuroMillions countries that organize raffles: EuroMillions tickets bought in Spain enter the El Millón raffle, which was founded in September 2016, while France EuroMillions tickets  automatically get a My Million raffle code.

Mega Week Raffle

The Mega Week Raffle in the UK EuroMillions

On special occasions, the UK EuroMillions hosts a special raffle called Mega Week, which produces from 5 to 10 millionaires. Each of them wins the £1 million raffle prize, as well as an additional prize, which usually consists of luxurious holidays.

Mega Week UK EuroMillions winners have the option to receive the cash value of their non-cash prize, which is calculated and announced by the UK Lottery official operator before the draw. Please note that the Mega Week takes place several times a year and that it is announced by the EuroMillions officials in advance.

*Mega Week winners on theLotter Canada will receive the cash amount of the non-cash prize, at its value announced by the UK National Lottery.

EuroMillions SuperDraws

The Exciting EuroMillions SuperDraws

The UK EuroMillions Lottery has made a habit of organizing special draws a few times a year. These are known among its fans as EuroMillions SuperDraws. They offer a guaranteed jackpot amount, which is set at €100 million for the SuperDraw.

If there are no jackpot winners on the SuperDraw, the UK EuroMillions jackpot can grow until it reaches the amazing amount of €190 million – the EuroMillions’ lottery jackpot cap. The EuroMillions SuperDraws are usually organized to mark an event or an anniversary of the European lottery. They are announced by the lottery officials a few weeks in advance. The upcoming SuperDraw will be held on February 23rd, 2018.

European Millionaire Maker

The European Millionaire Maker Raffle

As the EuroMillions raffles are so popular, the EuroMillions officials have come up with the idea of a SuperDraw version for the raffles. This is called the European Millionaire Maker and it is a special raffle draw held on special occasions throughout the year, just like the SuperDraw. The amazing thing about it is that it makes 25 winners, who each get €1 million (£1 million in the UK) !

Even EuroMillions countries that do not hold a raffle on a regular basis participate in the European Millionaire Maker. An alpha-numeric code will be assigned to the ticket on the moment of purchase. The first letter of the code indicates the country where the ticket was bought: Austria will have codes beginning with A, while Belgium has N, O or W, B , France has F, Spain - E, while tickets bought in the UK begin by H, J, M, T, V, X or Z.

EuroMillions Winners

Latest News About the UK EuroMillions Winners

On February 23rd, 2018, you cannot miss the EuroMillions because it is going to be a European Millionaire Maker draw! No matter what amount the first prize reaches by then, the EuroMillions lottery will make 25 guaranteed millionaires.

Aside from the jackpot, the EuroMillions is also offering on this Friday draw 25 prizes, each worth £1 million in the European Millionaire Maker raffle. There will be 25 new millionaires on February 23rd. So, don’t forget to buy your tickets on theLotter Canada because you could be one of them!