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 How to Play Austria EuroMillions Online on theLotter Canada

How to Play Austria EuroMillions Online on theLotter Canada

Playing the Austria EuroMillions is extremely easy. All you have to do is choose your five main numbers from a 1-50 guess range and your two Lucky Stars from a 1-12 guess range. On theLotter, you can opt for random numbers by choosing the Quick Pick option or you can choose your EuroMillions numbers manually. You can use our guide to picking lotto numbers to find out more about the factors that go into the search process.

If you have lucky numbers that you want to use, you can save these to your theLotter account and use them as often as you like. Your main aim in the game is to guess all the winning five main numbers and both Lucky Stars, as this will earn you the fantastic Austria EuroMillions jackpot, which can get as high as €190 MILLION.

Can I Play EuroMillions online from Canada?

Can I Play Austria EuroMillions from Canada?

You sure can, on theLotter. After you choose your numbers and buy your Austria EuroMillions ticket, one of our local agents in Austria will purchase the official ticket on your behalf from an authorized retailer. You will be the legal owner of the ticket, and you will receive proof of purchase in the form of a scan of your ticket in your theLotter account.

We will keep your Austria EuroMillions ticket in the safes in our local offices so you never have to worry about it. If your ticket is eligible for any of the prizes in the game, you will receive the full amount of your prize. We will not charge you any additional fees or take any commission from your winnings. Playing on theLotter is safe and secure.

 When Do the EuroMillions Draws Take Place?

When Are the Official Austria EuroMillions Draws?

The winning numbers for the EuroMillions lottery are drawn every Tuesday and Friday at 20:30 (CEST), which means Tuesday and Friday at 13:30 in Canadian time. Austria is one of the nine participating countries in the EuroMillions, alongside Spain, the UK, France, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland.

Players from these countries are all in the race for the grand EuroMillions jackpot, which is one of the highest in the entire lottery market. You have two chances to win it every single week, so play Austria EuroMillions online on theLotter to be a part of this amazing lotteries! You can also subscribe to the Austria EuroMillions so that you never miss a single draw, and get every 10th ticket free.

How to Win the EuroMillions Jackpot

How to Win the EuroMillions Jackpot

To win the Austria EuroMillions jackpot you have to guess all five of the main numbers in the game, as well as both of the Lucky Stars. Seven numbers is all it takes to win the first prize in the EuroMillions, which starts from a minimum amount of €17 MILLION. Then, with each draw where it is not won, it gets bigger and bigger. But unlike the Powerball or the USA Mega Millions, which have limitless jackpots, the Austria EuroMillions jackpot has a cap of €190 MILLION, which means that this is as high as it can get.

If the first prize reaches this amount, and there are still no winners, there will be up to three more draws where the jackpot will be €190 MILLION. If there are still no winners in the last of these maximum jackpot draws, then the prize will go to the winners of the second prize. Up to this point, the maximum jackpot has been won twice. In 2012, Adrian and Gillian Beyford from the UK have won it for the first time and then, in 2014, one lucky player from Portugal scooped the €190 MILLION prize.

 Boost Winning Odds

How to Increase Your Odds of Winning the Austria EuroMillions

IIf you want to boost your chances of winning the Austria EuroMillions, you have several gameplay options available on theLotter Canada. When you play Austria EuroMillions online, you can opt for systematic forms to get into the game with all the possible combinations of 6 to 10 numbers of your choice, which will greatly increase your odds of scooping a prize.

You can also try out EuroMillions syndicates to participate with a larger number of tickets for a very affordable price. The EuroMillions online group play enables you to purchase shares in lottery syndicates and actively up your chances of becoming a winner. Find out more about how the syndicates work here. If you can’t decide between individual tickets and syndicates, then let us tell you that on theLotter you don’t have to! You can play Bundles to get the best of both worlds. .

 The Amazing EuroMillions Raffles

The Amazing EuroMillions Raffles

As we have mentioned above, Austria is only one of the nine participating EuroMillions countries. Some of the other local EuroMillions games also feature special raffles that are drawn along with the main game. In France, players can participate in the Le Million Raffle, which offers players the chance to win a €1,000,000 prize without having to guess any of the EuroMillions numbers.

With Spain and France EuroMillions, players can take part in the El Millon  and My Million Raffles for a chance to win a €1,000,000 prize. With the UK version of EuroMillions, players can win a £1,000,000 prize in the Million Maker Raffle. On each EuroMillions ticket sold in Spain, France, and the UK, there is a unique 9-digit number, which enters players in these special raffles. There is one raffle winner per draw, who must have the drawn raffle code to be eligible for the prize. To participate in the raffles, you can play France EuroMillions, Spain EuroMillions, or UK EuroMillions on theLotter.

EuroMillions SuperDraws

The Fabulous EuroMillions SuperDraws

Just to make the game even more interesting, the EuroMillions hosts SuperDraws, where players get to put in their tickets for a €100 MILLION jackpot. This amount of the SuperDraw jackpot will be available to players regardless of the amount it had reached beforehand. These are held on special occasions and they can occur at any time of the year. The EuroMillions SuperDraws are announced a few weeks before so that players can have the time to buy their tickets for this very special draw.

The EuroMillions SuperDraws abide by the official rules of the game, with the exception that the jackpot is worth €100 MILLION. In the event that there is no first prize winner in the SuperDraw, this huge jackpot will roll over until it finds its winner. If it reaches the jackpot cap, then 4 Must Be Won draws will take place.If the jackpot is still not won, it will roll down to the next category that has winners.

EuroMillions Winners

Latest News About the EuroMillions

Winter is going out with a bang in the EuroMillions lottery, as the game is organizing a special raffle draw on February 23rd, 2018. The European Millionaire Maker event will offer as many as 25 €1 million prizes in the game’s raffle. This comes on top of the local EuroMillions raffles such as UK's Millionaire Maker, France's My Million, Ireland's Only Raffle or Spain's El Millon. However, the code stays the same. So, if you are really lucky, you can win two raffle prizes with one single code.

Don’t miss out on the excitement and buy your EuroMillions tickets on theLotter Canada for the big raffle event! We will keep you up to date with the latest details about the big draw on February 23rd. Good luck!