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Have you ever considered buying lottery tickets online? On, you can access the biggest international lotto games and purchase official lottery tickets online from Canada. That’s right! The sky’s the limit when you can buy tickets to the world’s biggest games. On our platform, you can buy tickets for the US Powerball, the Mega Millions, or the EuroMillions in just a few easy steps! Buying lottery tickets has never been easier!

All About the Online Lottery Tickets Purchase Process on theLotter Canada


How to Buy Your Lottery Tickets Online

The purchase process at starts with the most difficult step of all – choosing your lottery! In the list above, you have the absolute biggest games in the entire world to choose from and we can tell you now that it will not be easy. You can make your choice according to the size of the jackpot or the closest upcoming draw, but it will not be easy.

You can buy tickets for Canadian lotteries like the Ontario 49 or the Canada Lotto 649, or you can venture into some of the more exotic choices like New Zealand Powerball or the Italy SuperEnalotto. Once you complete this difficult step, you can hit the “Play” button to begin buying your lottery tickets online.

But is it safe to buy lottery tickets online? On our platform, it sure is. We make it a priority to ensure that is completely safe and that our users always get the best possible experience. Our local agents purchase official lottery tickets on your behalf from authorized lottery retailers and you are the sole legal owner of your tickets. On, you can buy Powerball legally, as well as any other of the amazing lotteries on our list!

Explore All the Amazing Options When You Buy Lottery Tickets Online

The best part about purchasing your lottery tickets online on is gaining access to some amazing options that can enrich your game and improve your odds of winning that big pot. Here are the main lottery options available on theLotter Canada:

  • Syndicates – Instead of buying individual lottery tickets, you can purchase a share in a lotto syndicate and go into the game with more tickets and, therefore, more chances of winning.

  • Bundles – If you’re still not done choosing between buying your very own lottery ticket or getting a share in a syndicate, then, why not both? Our Bundle packages give you the best of both worlds and you don’t have to decide!

If your heart is set on buying your individual lottery ticket, then you still have some game options to choose from. Here are the main features for single entries available at theLotter Canada:

  • Quick Pick – We know that choosing lottery numbers can be complicated, so keep in mind that you can use our Quick Pick feature, which will generate a set of random numbers for you. This way, you can let fate decide what happens to your lottery tickets!

  • Systematic Form – What if you could enter your favorite lottery with only your lucky numbers? Well, on theLotter Canada you most certainly can. With systematic forms, you will get lottery tickets with all the possible combinations of your favorite numbers. This is like getting your very own lottery multiplier! Read our ultimate guide to systematic forms to find out more.

  • Multi-Draw Packages – When you choose a favorite lottery, you’re going to want to buy lottery tickets for every draw, right? On theLotter Canada, you can opt for a Multi-Draw pack that gives you a sizable discount of up to 25% when you purchase 5 to 25 lottery tickets.

  • Subscriptions – If buying 10 to 25 lottery tickets in advance does not seem to be enough, then on, you can subscribe to your favorite game so that you never miss a draw. You even get every 10th ticket entirely free of charge, which makes this the perfect option for passionate lottery fans.

What To Do After Buying Lottery Tickets Online

After you have completed the online purchasing process on, the only thing left to do is wait for the results. We post the official lottery results soon after each draw, so you can count on finding it here. If you are one of the winners of the draw, we will make sure to notify you as soon as possible so that you can start celebrating!

Rest assured that we won’t charge any type of commission on your lottery winnings. Everything you win is yours down to the very last penny. If you are one of the big winners, then you may have to go and collect your prize in person, but we will be there with you every step of the way to help. As for smaller prizes, these will be wired directly into your account for convenience.

So, are you ready for the ultimate lottery experience? Buy your lottery tickets online on theLotter Canada and feel the magic! Good luck!