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How Long Does It Take to Get Your Money If You Win the Lottery?

Scooping that lotto jackpot is every player’s dream. But, what comes after you have beaten all the odds and got all the right numbers on your ticket? Have you ever wondered what comes after you find out that every single number drawn by the lottery officials is on your ticket? What do you do if you win the lottery in Canada or the US? How long does it take to get lottery winnings anyway?

This is one question that lots of lottery players ask, so we at theLotter Canada are going to tell you all about the specifics of the prize collection process. This way, you will get a glimpse of what the life of an actual lottery winner starts out as. It’s an amazing ride, for sure, and this is how it all begins.

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What Happens When You Win the Lottery in Canada?

While the main rules of the lottery prize collection process are similar all throughout the world, each country has its particularities. In this section of our page, we are going to tell you what happens after you win a Canadian lottery and you want to get that big lotto prize in your pocket.

How to Collect Lottery Winnings from the Canadian Lottery Authority

According to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), if you win one of the lotteries in Canada, you have several options for the prize collection process, according to the amount of the prize you have won. But regardless of the size of the prize you have scooped, there are 2 essential things you need to have in order to get the money for your lottery prize:

  • Your lottery ticket – which must be intact, filled out and signed.

  • Your customer receipt – after an authorized lottery retailer checks the ticket on a lottery terminal, a customer receipt will be printed automatically. Please note that all tickets must be validated to be eligible for the prize collection process.

Then, depending on how much money you have to collect, you have to see which prize collection methods you have access to and choose the best one for you. In the table below, you can see the main options available to lottery winners in Canada:

Amount of
the Prize
At an OLG
Lottery Retailer
By Mail At the OLG
Prize Centre

< CAD1,000

Signed Ticket
Customer Receipt

CAD1,000 up to


Signed Ticket
Customer Receipt
Identification (1 piece)
Completed Lottery Prize
Claim Declaration Form

CAD10,000 to



Signed Ticket
Customer Receipt
Identification (2 pieces)
Completed Lottery Prize
Claim Declaration Form

and more



Signed Ticket
Customer Receipt
Identification (2 pieces)
Completed Lottery Prize
Claim Declaration Form

How to Collect Lottery Winnings at an OLG Lottery Retailer

If you have won a prize lower than $1,000 in a Canadian lottery, then it is extremely easy to get your money at an authorized OLG lottery retailer. Make sure you have your signed ticket and take it for prize verification. Please note that this option is not available for prizes of $1,000 and up.

There will be a winning message on the customer display screen, and the retailer will validate your ticket. Then, if the retailer can pay you the amount of the prize in cash, you will complete the prize collection process then and there. Every retailer can pay up to $50, but has the option to pay up to $999.90, provided that they have the exact amount in cash.

How to Collect Lottery Winnings from OLG By Mail

Another option you have to collect your prize in Canadian lotteries is mailing the OLG and requesting payment. Please note that the prize claim will be processed in 4 to 6 weeks of receiving the request, provided that it is complete. For prizes lower than $1,000, applicants only need to mail the ticket and the customer receipt.

However, for prizes higher than $1,000 but up to $10,000, players must also send in a photocopy of an identification document, as well as a completed lottery prize declaration form, which can be downloaded from the OLG official website. In the event that the prize is won by a group of people, then they must fill out a Group Declaration Form, which is also available online.

How to Collect Lottery Winnings at an OLG Prize Centre

This prize collection option is available for prizes of any amount. Lottery players can go to the OLG Prize Centre located on 20 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON, M5G 2C2 with the required documentation. Please note that the OLG does not guarantee that all prize payments will be made in the same day, but the duration of the payment process will be kept to a minimum.

Do You Get All the Money When You Win the Lottery in Canada?

Due to the significant differences between tax laws from Canada, the US, the EU, and other lottery countries, there is great confusion when it comes to the taxes that lottery winners are required to pay. In Canada, however, incomes from lottery winnings are not taxable, which means that the winners can keep their full amount of their prizes. As such, the answer is yes, you really do get to keep all your money when you win the lottery in Canada.

Can Non-Residents Win the Lottery in Canada?

According to the OLG, international residents are eligible players, and, therefore, eligible winners in the Canadian lotteries. They are not required to pay taxes to the Canadian authorities, but the local laws of their countries may differ, which is why the OLG advises international residents to get in touch with a tax professional for this matter.

How Long Do You Have to Collect Your Jackpot?

Everybody wants to know how long it takes to get lottery winnings, and most of them think about just how fast they can do that. While it is not the scenario that anybody has in mind when it comes to winning the lottery, knowing when the latest time that you can cash in your lotto prize is will prove to be extremely important information.

While the US Powerball and the Mega Millions give jackpot winners up to a year to come in with their winning tickets and collect their prizes, these lotteries only offer 180 days to secondary prize winners. Please note that in the event that a player comes in with a winning ticket after the maximum prize collection period has elapsed, that players will not be able to claim the prize. In the table below, you will be able to see how long you have to collect prizes in the world’s top lotteries:

Lottery Maximum Prize Collection Period for Jackpot

US Powerball

1 year

play powerball

Mega Millions

1 year

play mega millions

Austria EuroMillions

28 Days

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Spain EuroMillions

90 Days

play spain euromillions

France EuroMillions

60 Days

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What Happens If You Win a Jackpot on theLotter Canada?

If your jackpot comes as you play the lottery on our platform, then you are in luck. Aside from the fact that you’re well on your way to becoming a millionaire, you will also get our full support with the prize collection process.

Phase 1 – The Winning Ticket

If you have won your jackpot by playing on theLotter, then our local agents have purchased a ticket on your behalf. After that, they have been diligently stored in safes, where they will stay up until you can collect your prize. Please note that when you buy your lottery tickets on theLotter Canada, you are the sole legal owner of the ticket, and as such, you are the only one who can collect the prize money.

Phase 2 – The Prize

Depending on the amount that you have won, you will have to follow the procedure imposed by the lottery officials. If you are the winner of a jackpot or any other type of jackpot-sized prize, then you will, most likely, have to travel to collect your prize in person. And here at theLotter, we are ready to lend a helping hand. We provide complimentary flights to our winners so that there is nothing standing between them and their jackpots.

Phase 3 – The Payment Type

One thing that lottery winners don’t get to think about is the type of payment that they want for their prizes. There are two central options available when it comes to lottery prize payouts: the annuity option and the cash lump payment. In the following section, we will tell you the main features that come with each of these options:

Cash Lump Payment vs. Annuity

1. The Annuity Option 

The absolute most important advantage posed by getting the annuity option on a lottery prize is being able to collect the entire amount of the jackpot. However, you would be getting the money in yearly installments. Your prize money would be stored in safe bonds, which can assure your annual payments. While getting your millions in small portions may not be lottery dream you had in mind, there are some significant advantages to consider when it is concerned.

2. The Cash Lump Payment 

This is the second option that lottery winners can choose which provides them with the invaluable advantage of getting a large amount of money in a single payout. However, the amount of the prize will be significantly smaller than the jackpot amount. In the vast majority of cases, the cash lump payment is made for just a little bit more than half the amount of the prize. As you can imagine, this is the most popular choice among lottery winners because it is the absolute shortest way to becoming a multimillionaire.

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How Long Does It Take to Collect the Powerball Jackpot?

As we have mentioned above, players have up to one year to collect a Powerball jackpot. And this is extremely important because winners must be ready for what comes after cashing in such a large amount of money. However, once they are ready, they can contact the Powerball lottery officials and the prize collection process will be set in motion.

Please note that all Powerball prizes must be claimed in the state where the ticket was purchased. This is mandatory because each state features its very own taxing system that players adhere to when buying their ticket. If you play US Powerball on theLotter Canada and win, we will be there with you for every step of the way.

Depending on the payment method chosen by the winner, the money will be wired into their accounts after the verification process has been completed. Then, it is up to the winner to pay the taxes on his lottery winnings in accordance with the local laws of the state. Please note that American lottery winners must pay federal taxes, as well as state taxes on their winnings.

State taxes are very different, each of the American states having its own taxation laws. There are states where no tax is perceived on lottery winnings, such as California, Washington and Wyoming. There are states with different taxation rules for residents and non-residents. For instance, Arizona residents pay 5% as federal taxes, while non-residents of Arizona who purchased their winning Powerball ticket in this state have to pay 6%.

On theLotter Canada, you can play Powerball legally from Canada and you will receive our full support during the prize claim process.

How Long Does It Take to Collect the Mega Millions Jackpot?

Similar to the system used by the US Powerball lottery, the Mega Millions requires its winners to redeem their prizes in the state where the tickets were purchased and within one year from the date of the draw. If winner come forward with their tickets later than one year, they will not be able to collect their prize, as per the official rules of the Mega Millions lottery.

Mega Millions jackpot winners must contact the state lottery authorities and let them know that they have a winning ticket for the first prize. Then, the validation process will begin and if the ticket is considered genuine, the prize collection process can be carried out.

The winner must choose between the annuity option and the cash lump payment on the jackpot. Then, the federal tax will be deducted, followed by the state tax. Each US state has its very own taxing system, which is why the final amount of lottery prizes differs from one state to the other.

How Long Does It Take to Collect the EuroMillions Jackpot?

As opposed to the US Powerball and the Mega Millions, EuroMillions winners must come forward with their tickets much sooner, as none of the participating countries feature a one-year prize collection period. Moreover, each of these countries features its own maximum time for collection, which is why it is ideal that EuroMillions winners validate their tickets sooner rather than later.

Each EuroMillions participating country features its very own taxing system for the lotto winnings. So, if you are wondering how long it takes to get your lottery winnings when playing EuroMillions, it depends on the country you are playing from.

In the UK, for instance, EuroMillions jackpot winners must use the Camelot hotline to contact the lottery officials. They will have to provide some key information which is printed on the ticket, but this does not conclude the verification process.

The Camelot authorities will then schedule a meeting with the winner and the validity of the ticket will be determined attentively. If the UK EuroMillions & Millionaire Maker ticket is deemed authentic, then the players can proceed to collect their winnings.

Like for the other lotteries, they will have to decide how they want their jackpot to be paid out. The Camelot officials even offer financial advice to their winners so that they find the ideal choice for their specific case.

If you are playing on theLotter Canada, then we will notify you of your win straight away so that you have all the time you need before cashing in your millions. Moreover, we will provide you with all the assistance you might need through the entire prize collection process.

How Soon After You Win the Lottery Will You Have the Money in Your Account?

Another common question among lottery fans is about how long it takes to get the money from a lottery prize wired into a bank account so that you can finally begin the long-awaited spending spree. The specific answer depends on a series of variables, as the prize collection process must be tailored to the particularities of the winner.

First off, the duration of the ticket validation process depends on the physical state of the ticket. It must be kept intact and the chosen numbers must be clearly visible. Dealing with deteriorated or lost tickets could prove to be a lengthy process, which may increase the duration of the prize collection process significantly. As a theLotter user, you do not have to worry about this since we will keep your tickets safely stored and in perfect condition.

Once the ticket has been validated, the remaining duration mainly depends on the winner’s legal status and residence particularities. As you may expect, it takes less for a local winner to collect a prize than for a foreign player. After this part is also sorted out with the lottery officials, the final step is the banking process. This includes dealing with account details and the actual wiring of a large amount of money. Depending on the bank, this could take from a few hours to a few days or maybe even longer.

How Safe Is It to Play the Lottery Online?

When it comes to playing the lottery online, people want to feel confident that their winnings will be entirely theirs and that they will not be scammed out of their money. Here, at theLotter Canada, we strive to provide our players a fully secure platform that they can use time and time again. We offer a wide range of games, from the most popular ones like the EuroJackpot lottery to the most exotic ones like the Italy SuperEnalotto or the New Zealand Powerball, as well as the biggest raffles like the Loteria de Navidad, El Nino, or Loteria Nacional.

Our numerous winners and our millions of satisfied users can best prove that theLotter is safe. Our ticket-purchasing services ensure that the user is the legal owner of the lottery ticket. As such, the entire amount of the prize will be paid to the user.

Our services do not require special commissions from lottery winners. Whether you win $1 or $1,000,000,000 on theLotter Canada, the full amount of the prize is yours. And we will be there beside you through every step of the prize claim process so that you can get your lottery winnings as soon as possible. What you do with your win and how you spend the money is entirely up to you!

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