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Can Canadians Win Powerball?

Can a Canadian win Powerball? This ardent question has been on the minds of millions of Canadian lottery fans who read about the record-breaking prizes in America’s biggest lottery. While a jackpot worth $1.58 million may be worth the trip to the States, can a Canadian win the Powerball without leaving the country?

The answer is yes! On, Canadians can participate in the US lottery without moving a single inch. With just a few clicks, they can enter the Powerball legally for a chance to scoop those amazing prizes.

theLotter is safe, so not only can Canadians win the Powerball, but they will keep every single cent of their prize. All of our Canadian Powerball winners can attest that we do not charge any type of commission for the prizes on our platform.

So, Can A Canadian Win the Powerball? P. from Quebec Has!

Excited about the US Powerball record jackpot of $1.58 billion (who wouldn't be?), P. from Quebec in Canada searched for a way to try his luck. He found us and his luck came soon afterward as the US Powerball draw  on Saturday 27 February 2016 brought him a $1 million second prize at his favorite lottery. 

Can A Canadian Win the Powerball

How Did It All Start?

The month of January 2016 marked a new benchmark for the lottery world. The first US Powerball jackpot of the year was on a rollover streak. It kept getting bigger and bigger with each draw, until it passed the $1 billion threshold. Mass media from all over the world talked about this awesome record.

Can I have a piece of it too? This is what P. from Quebec asked himself. Can Canadians win Powerball? A simple online search helped him find a solution. But, is it legal? Is it safe? Yes! Yes! Yes! theLotter Canada is the legal and safe way to participate in the world's biggest lotteries and enter the most exciting draws straight from Canada.

I am happy that I found your company, theLotter Canada. We're in Canada and it is hard to buy tickets from the States, so when I saw your site I said "Jesus, that's nice!"

Initially P. said that he was skeptical about buying lottery tickets online, but his experience with theLotter Canada's customer support team put him at ease. "It's a real good company and they're honest and they tell you what everything is.", he said.

How Did P. Discover He’s a Canadian Powerball Winner?

Canadian Powerball Winner

After all the hype for the January 13th draw, the $1.58 billion US Powerball jackpot fell and, unfortunately, P. was not one of the winners. Even considering the odds of winning the Powerball, was he disappointed? Maybe a bit, but P. decided to try again and the second purchase on theLotter Canada turned P. into a millionaire.

On Saturday night, 27 February 2016, our 60-year-old lottery fan from Canada went to a hockey game in Montreal with his son. At about the same time, the US Powerball winning numbers were being drawn in Florida. Earlier that evening, just before leaving his home located 100 miles east of Montreal, P. had received a reminder from theLotter Canada letting him know that the US Powerball was approaching. So before making his way to Montreal, P. went online and bought seven lines for the US Powerball. He used the Quick Pick method to choose his numbers and this time luck was on his side!

While having breakfast the following morning, P. checked his phone, only to discover that his life changed overnight – he had done the impossible! He had actually won Powerball from Canada! P. scooped the second prize in the US Powerball draw of February 27, 2016.

What Does Victory Sound Like?

"I woke up in Montreal this morning and I was looking and looking... And I said Jeez... I think I got the right numbers. But I wasn't too sure and I called my son and said, - I looked at the numbers and I think we won! - So... We did!"

Claiming the prize was a piece of cake. As New Jersey is only a five-hour drive away, P. decided to jump in his car and reach our local offices to pick up his winning ticket. Then, he claimed his prize in person, but decided not to disclose his identity. When asked about his plans, P. said that he and his wife had decided to stay on the safe side and not make any grand plans. He mentioned a cruise to celebrate the win, but otherwise, the money will be safely put away in the bank for now.

Even after becoming our Canadian Powerball winner, P. continued to play different lottery games. In fact, he's already won again... well it was a $12 prize this time around, but perhaps the bug jackpot is just a few draws away! He says he will continue to be a part of the game: "With theLotter Canada, you can play the lottery even in Canada, you can play in Australia, you can play everywhere in the world. That's one big advantage.. so if you like the lottery, it's a nice site to go on." The only advice we have for P. is that the next time around, he remembers to Power Play because lottery multipliers could make his future wins even larger.

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